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Team and project collaboration

Digital and efficient teamwork in a connected world

The mobile office for the today’s entrepreneur is always and everywhere available. Organize your projects online. Coordination with internal and external business partners is very easy, leaving more time for the essentials.

Our offer includes the following solutions:

  • Team and project collaboration platform
  • Private Data Cloud
  • Mail, contacts, calendar, notes and tasks
  • Task management for the administration of all tasks within a team
  • Time recording to help you keep track of the work you have done
  • Videoconferencing for efficient meetings when you’re on the move
  • Office applications for document processing in your web browser
  • Photo gallery for easy and efficient picture management

CRM for SMEs can be easy!

Manage and control marketing and sales activities in one central location: The Cloudmonki Cloud CRM for SMEs. This will increase customer value, helps to increase sales, strengthens customer satisfaction and innovation. Accompany your customers for a lifetime and create continuous sales opportunities.

Cloudmonki CRM for SMEs includes the following modules:

  • Management of customers, suppliers and partners
  • Contact management
  • Create and track prospects
  • Plan sales opportunities and generate sales forecasts
  • Follow support cases consistently and always have the history
  • Email integration for the complete customer history
  • Calendar, Meetings, Calls and Tasks
  • Document management
Cloudmonki ERP for SMEs

More transparency in your business processes

With our solutions we support you in your daily business and all your business processes as quoting, procurement, inventory management, invoicing, accounting, etc.

Cloudmonki ERP for SMEs includes the following modules:

  • Master Data Management
  • Procurement – purchase requisition – purchase order – delivery – supplier invoices
  • Sales – Offer – Order – Delivery note – Invoice
  • Warehouse Management – Goods Receipt – Goods Issue – Automatic Orders (MRP)
  • Accounting – CH and DE chart of accounts – Fully integrated
  • Project Management – Complete cost and planning overview in projects
  • eCommerce integration
  • Web-based and multilingual

Cloudmonki can do even more

With our tailor-made solution for quality assurance, we simplify your quality control and digitize your processes.

Do you operate a retail store and have different points of sale (POS)? With our POS and retail system (MyPOS) we cover the specific requirements for this area perfectly and create a seamless connection to the ERP system.

Consulting service

Methodology and consulting

CloudMonki offers you a simple and holistic approach. We don’t just provide the technology and system architecture. We also support you with our methodology. With the help of our result-focused consulting, we show you how to maximize the potential of digital working methods with minimal effort and how to make the mobile office for today’s entrepreneur possible.

Cloudmonki Consulting and Support includes the following services:

  • We gather your requirements and analyze your processes
  • We accompany you in the process transformation
  • We advise you in the selection of suitable software systems
  • We guide you through your process of digitization
  • We develop tailor-made software solutions for you
  • We live a holistic project management
  • We offer you professional support
  • We are happy to answer to all of your questions
Team und Projekt Zusammenarbeit

Collaboration & Communication made easy

Supports the modern form of efficient teamwork in a connected world. Coordination with internal and external business partners is easy, leaving more time for what really matters.


Everything under control

A productive platform from one single source - whether digital communication, teamwork, customer relations, merchandise management, purchasing, invoicing, payment transactions, your accounting and much more. This means you have everything under control as your company grows in size and complexity.


Increased efficiency thanks to digital processes

Thanks to lean processes, you can concentrate more on your products and customers. Your unproductive, administrative office labour is reduced.


Minimal implementation effort

Our solutions are implemented with minimal effort and in shortest time. We accompany you during the simple transformation process.


All information secure and everywhere available

Your data is available on all devices for you and your teams always, everywhere and secure, be it customer data, project status, order backlog, etc. - you are always up to date on your private data cloud.


Consulting as the key to digital working methods

CloudMonki offers a simple and holistic approach. We don't just provide the technology and system architecture. CloudMonki offers professional consulting & support and shows you how to leverage the potential of the digital way of working with little effort.

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CloudMonki is a cloud-based software suite that takes care of you and your entire IT. With our tools you are fully equipped when it comes to collaboration & communication, customer relations (CRM) and business processes (ERP).

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To simplify administrative processes and thereby have more time for personal customer contact. Sounds like a dream. At Danereder, these goals were achieved through the use of CloudMonki’s collaboration and communications solution (COLCOM). Take a look at our latest short film.

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