Virtual team meetings thanks to videoconferencing

No matter where you are, with CloudMonki videoconferencing you're always on board, anytime, everywhere

Whether you want to make an online phone call with your employee, make a video call with a customer, or need to chat with one of your suppliers, our video conferencing system is perfect for all your needs.

CloudMonki adapts to your needs: You can easily talk in pairs or start a video conference with several people. If you want to join in the conversation, you simply need an invitation so that a one-to-one conversation quickly becomes a team meeting and vice versa.

Entering the video conferencing system is very easy: Simply send your conversation partner a link and an appointment and you can talk to each other in the web browser. Tedious software downloads or forgotten log-in data are no longer an obstacle. With a simple additional app, you can also organize video conferences on your smartphone.

Sometimes words are not enough: Our webinar software allows all participants to share their desktop content with others. So everyone knows exactly what it’s all about, just as if you were in the office together and looking over your colleague’s shoulder.

Here you can take a closer look at CloudMonki´s Videoconferencing Tool

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