Team task management - Efficient workload distribution in projects

Distributing project tasks in a clear and efficient way, setting priorities and always staying well informed about project progress

Our Online-To-Do-List. We have developed this tool so that you always know which tasks are currently pending. The team task management helps you to transparently and efficiently organize the workload in your team. Here you can divide tasks into different categories: pending, in progress and done. In addition, you can also distribute pending tasks to your employees and always see what is currently being worked on.

Some tasks are more important than others. So that everyone in the team is on the same page and no tasks falls behind, you can simply identify critical projects with higher priority.

You always keep the overview of what your employees are working on, what tasks they still have to do and what has already been completed. If you want to know whether something has already been done, you don’t have to wait for the answer from the employees, you can simply view it in the task management.

Here you can take a closer look at CloudMonki´s Task Management Tool.

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