Retail & POS system (myPOS)

Accelerates your sales process and gives you more time with the customer

In most cases, POS systems are rigid in their functions, expensive in addition, cumbersome in their operation and the functions cannot be adapted to your own requirements. Not so myPOS! An Open Source based, well proven and optimized retail and POS system.

Above all, myPOS gives you the advantage of accelerating your sales process and thus being able to take more and better care of your customers.

  • Master data administration
  • Sales processing with different payment options
  • Warehouse management
  • Security concept with user and authorization roles
  • Customer loyalty system (campaigns / loyalty programmes)
  • Central merchandise management system
  • Connection of multiple points of sale
  • Evaluations, reports, diagrams,
  • Central purchasing and warehouse management
  • Automatic Order / Replenishment
  • All data is always accessible via web service, from anywhere and with different devices

myPOS is much more than just a cash register system. Thanks to its connection to a comprehensive Enterprise Resource System (ERP), your retail data is integrated into your business processes and is available for you at any time for both sales planning and merchandise planning. myPOS can also be adapted to your individual requirements.

A modern, logical user interface is easy to operate via touch screen. The customer is selected by scanning the customer card, the articles are recorded by scanning the article barcodes. A sales cycle runs with only a few fingertips on the screen.

In its standard configuration, myPOS is delivered on a 13-inch compact device with integrated receipt printer in combination with a connected EC/CC payment terminal.

Furthermore, inventory, orders and goods receipts can be conveniently and mobilely recorded using mobile data recording devices (MDE).

Here you can take a closer look at CloudMonki´s Retail & POS system (myPOS).

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