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View and edit files at anytime, everywhere you are - share it and work together on same file, online document editing makes it possible

CloudMonki offers a fully functional online text editor: Use numerous functions of the desktop editor for online work on documents: Precision when browsing, converting, printing, adding links, tables and charts, auto shapes, formulas, text objects, creating an enumeration or numbered list, etc.

Creation of presentations: Take advantage of the presentation editor to create a clear presentation of your new project: Convince employees and customers. You can also present your work online or start it directly from your tablet or smartphone without having to install any presentation software on your devices.

Online collaboration can now easily take place on one document: E-mail chaos and inadvertently misedited documents are a thing of the past, because with CloudMonki you can always see exactly which version the current document is. You can also see who made what changes and when: All team members pull in the same direction.

Smooth processing of tables: Simplify and automate your calculations, organize and analyse your data, such as working on reports and inventory management in the Spreadsheet Editor.

Select the method for collaborating on documents with your team members: Semi-formal to see the changes immediately, or formal to show the changes only after saving. Comment on paragraphs or use the built-in live chat, review and track changes at any time.

Also included in CloudMonki is a light version for mobile devices. This version, adapted to the smaller screens, allows you to visualize documents and incorporate minor changes. Edit your documents online, wherever you are, on any of your devices.

Here you can take a closer look at CloudMonki´s Office Applications tool.

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