Professional consulting, service and support

We support you before, during and after a fast and simple introduction of our solutions.

CloudMonki offers you a simple and holistic approach. We don’t just provide you with the technology and system architecture. We also accompany you with our methodology and show you how you can maximise the potential of digital working methods with minimal effort. This streamlines your processes and reduces unproductive, administrative office work.  At the same time, you maintain an overview of your business and can communicate effectively with your team and business partners anytime and anywhere.

Would you like to achieve this ideal situation swiftly, in a straightforward way and without a great deal of specialised IT know-how? Our solutions are simple and efficient. With the support of our professional consulting we are at your side for a successful implementation. Thanks to our methodology, we start where you benefit most. We proceed systematically:

  1. Analysis of the status-quo: company, systems, processes and procedures, data mapping
  2. Conception: Diagnosis, solution recommendation, definition of the target scenario
  3. Implementation: System introduction & training for digital working methods
  4. Ongoing Integration & Optimization

Based on the analysis of your current business processes, we identify with you the greatest opportunities for optimization. The concept developed together with you will then show you how we can approach changes in terms of organization and software and how we can achieve the desired ideal state with the help of CloudMonki. The focus is always on process optimization and work facilitation, as well as rapid implementation of the solution.

The CloudMonki solutions are based on Open Source. We analyse your existing IT infrastructure, take your requirements into account and replace or complete your environment with powerful and professional CloudMonki components. The ERP, CRM or collaboration & communication solutions have been tried and tested thousands of times and are optimized for professional use. With CloudMonki you do not invest your money in expensive software licenses, but where it makes the most sense for you as a customer: In the realization of your ideal solution through professional, individual consulting and customer-specific customizations.

To maximize your benefit, we recommend to train your most important users. We show you the philosophy and tricks of the digital way of working, based not only on proven economic or industrial models, but also on a healthy portion of common sense.

Depending on the size of your company, internal Application Engineers (AEs) are often also available. If desired, we can also train AEs on our systems, so that they can also help themselves with any configurations and adaptations.

After the successful introduction of the system, ongoing support and assistance usually follow. Now it is no longer a question of advising on the introduction of new solutions, but on the effective use of existing solutions. We support you in user questions and in solving problems in connection with existing solutions.

We are happy to take up your requirements and offer you our consulting packages for a system implementation at very interesting rates. In addition, we recommend to enter into a service & support agreement with which you can secure your guaranteed service level after the system implementation.


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