Communication and Collaboration
Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes

Your fully integrated self-hosted mail server - synchronize your entire corporate communications on computer, mobile devices and modern webmail

Email for you, your organization and your business, scalable according to your needs: All you need is an access to the internet and all your e-mail traffic is always available for you on every platform.

Manage your personal notes or share them with others. Save your tasks and let our communication and collaboration system remind you to complete them on time. You’ll never lose track and see what you’ve accomplished.

Manage and share calendars and contacts with individuals or entire groups! If you change an appointment, it is changed on all your devices. Scan a business card, import the data into your CloudMonki communication and collaboration solution. Now your contact is instantly available everywhere.

Besides your company, are you also working in a non-profit organization or do you have a cool hobby with your own name and domain? No problem – with this collection of tools you can bring all your business and activities under one roof: in your own secure CloudMonki communication and collaboration centre.

Here you can take a closer look at CloudMonkis communication tool with mail, contacts, calendar and notes.

We would like to show you the possibilities of our solution in a short demo.

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