Data storage for your files and media library

Your files, music and photos stored in one place: in your Private Cloud.

CloudMonki stores your data in a cloud backup on high security servers. We work completely DSGVO compliant and transparent. Store your important files centrally in the cloud, so they are available for you anytime, anywhere. If you wish, you can also share selected files individually or in folders with selected people and never lose the security of your data.

You are on the road and need to change Word or Excel files or want to finalize your presentation? Then simply use the integrated web editor, which provides you with the most important Office tools. With our cloud services, it’s like you have your common individual work environment at home or in the office with you at all times, simply on your desktop or mobile device.

Store your favourite music in the cloud and play your favourite hits on any device! If you are tired of one album, you can delete it centrally and it will disappear from all your devices.

The days are gone when you had to transfer your pictures in cumbersome way from your smartphone to your PC. Instant upload copies your selected albums to your secure cloud and stores them online. This way they’re available for you on any device you want.

All data at CloudMonki is constantly updated (synchronized) for all connected devices. If you don’t have an internet connection, the synchronization will be done as soon as the connection can be re-established. It is possible to limit which data should be available on which devices if there is no Internet connection.

CloudMonki organizes your data in your private cloud and automatically backs it up for you in the cloud. This way you can be fully assured that nothing gets lost. Your entire private cloud is backed up weekly on separate servers, or daily if you wish.

Here you can take a closer look at CloudMonki’s Data Cloud and Media Tank.

We would like to show you the possibilities of our solution in a short demo.

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