Private Cloud Data Security plays a BIG role

CloudMonki Data Security - We protect your data using the latest technologies

  • Store your business data in a reliable, safe and secure environment
  • All CloudMonki Apps run through central LDAP user authentication
  • The complete transmission and storage of data is SSL encrypted

Your cloud is your unique own cloud – in a separated software installation on a virtual server – and cannot be mixed with other customers. You can also get a separate physical server on request. This offers you a maximum of private cloud data security!

Your data can be completely or partially encrypted. This way you can increase the private cloud data security further. The data is also transferred from and to all your devices via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with security certificate. Reading by unauthorized is therefore not possible.

Your data is NOT stored in the USA. We use servers in Germany per default and also in Switzerland or Austria on request. In the case of Germany, your data is stored at the provider Hetzner. There we have our own servers at our disposal, for which we are responsible. The data connection as well as CloudMonki itself has a guaranteed availability of more than 99%!

If you wish, we can set up the cloud in your local office building. Then data will then only be stored there with full access only by you and any partner designated by yourself.

Your own and protected CloudMonki cloud is protected against attacks by a so-called firewall. And not just by one, by several. This and additional detection systems increases the private cloud data security and makes it even more difficult, if not impossible, for potential attacks!

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