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Collaboration & Communication made easy

Platform for efficient teamwork with internal and external business partners

Simple and effective to increase productivity, CloudMonki has developed an online project management tool. This allows you and your employees to collaborate in real time. Collaboration teams are freely configurable, only those who have received an invitation can read along. Virtual online collaboration and resource planning come together on one platform in social media style.

Here you can plan your projects and also invite external customers or suppliers as team members. You can use the timeline to track each project development: This way you can always track the progress.

Even when you are not, stay informed about the latest developments in the project by e-mail notifications. In addition you can also receive a daily overview of all your projects.

Invite external partners into your CloudMonki collaboration platform. In doing so you can enrich your project team, even with people who don´t work in your company. This allows your partners to participate directly in the project as well as to provide and view the necessary content. This means that all your project activities are bundled centrally in one place.

Create project documentation in simple steps and describe the nature or processes of a project – or store step-by-step process instructions. This way your CloudMonki collaboration platform becomes a knowledge base!

You can also define and schedule project tasks, create surveys and include other data to be processed within the team: When working online with CloudMonki, we thought of everything, so there are no limits, even if your team members are located in completely different corners of the world.

Enrich your individual project spaces with additional modules such as Wiki or task management. Each project is personalized and therefore requires different tools. CloudMonki offers a selection of professional modules that you can integrate and use individually for each project.

Here you can take a closer look at CloudMonki’s Collaboration & Communication platform.

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