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Quality Assurance (myQA)

Quality analysis revolutionized: now online, all in one place and easy to use

Whether your company manufactures a product or provides a service, whether you produce it yourself, or especially if you have it manufactured – with CloudMonki myQA quality management is now very simple. We have digitized the quality control process and made the traditional use of paper forms completely redundant. All control reports are available at a glance, digitally and in real time. myQA is a fully-fledged business intelligence tool and stores all your data for you in one place. Quality analyses no longer have to be recorded on paper and then converted into Excel spreadsheets: Quality inspection at CloudMonki has a completely new face and is very easy to use. This way you can give your suppliers quick feedback on the quality of your products! Our quality management system accelerates and facilitates your work immensely.

  • Real-time digital data collection
  • Custumoizable audit reports
  • Personalized reports by categories
  • Data import and export as PDF, XLS, DOC and PPT
  • Integration of photos in each control report
  • Individual data analysis
  • Claim handling with suppliers and customers
  • Returns handling in warehouse
  • Qualit documentation available at any time
  • Integrated video conferencing tool
  • Access to any device at any time
  • Data storage on high security servers
  • Use without software installation
  • EDI interface possible
  • GDPR compliant

Through digital processes, you and all defined stakeholders can access quality reports and audit documents online, no matter on which of your devices and no matter where you are. Quality documents such as quality manuals and specifications can be stored online and retrieved at any time. You can work on all quality-relevant topics with customers, suppliers and employees in a communication platform, up to topic-specific blogs.

With myQA, you receive reports in real time at the touch of a button. Quality reports can be exported in various formats and immediately made available to suppliers, employees, customers, etc. This means that quality is not only controlled, but also produced.

Here you can take a closer look at CloudMonki´s tool for Quality Assurance (myQA).

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