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This introduction to CRM for SMEs shows you the basic functionalities of ESPO CRM. Cloudmonki is an ESPO CRM integration partner and offers you a simple and complete tool for customer contact management and customer loyalty.

Find more information about Cloudmonki CRM for SMEs here. You can also find our package prices here.

Automation of sales processes

EspoCRM - Automatisierung des Verkaufs

  • Leads. Manage prospects and convert the data into opportunities, companies and contacts when the deal is completed. Everything with 1 click.
  • Monitor sales opportunities, create cash flow forecasts and react in a targeted manner
  • Manage accounts and collect and manage all data and activities centrally.
  • Contacts can be assigned to different companies and other objects, so the necessary contact details are always at hand.







EspoCRM - Kalender Integration





EspoCRM - Email Integration








Social tools

EspoCRM - Activity stream

  • Activity Stream. A timeline shows changes and additions to an object. Notes and comments can also be added.
  • Follow button. A user can follow different objects. So you don’t miss any changes. Self-created objects are followed automatically.









Customer service

  • Cases. Create and track support support cases.
  • Email to Case. Automatic creation of support cases when receiving emails.
  • Customer Portal. Give your customers access to relevant data.
  • Knowledgebase. Capture knowledge centrally in CRM so that all colleagues can access your knowledge


Quotation and order processing



EspoCRM - Analytics und Reporting

  • Reports (available in Advanced Pack). Possibility to build individual reports to extract information from the system quickly and easily.









EspoCRM - Workflow Integration

  • Business Prozess Management (BPM) tool (available in Advanced Pack). Offers the possibility to model and automate business processes.
  • Workflows (available in Advanced Pack). Actions can be triggered when certain conditions are met. Actions available: send email, update record, create new record, create notification, assign record according to specific rules.




Marketing automation


  • Layout Manager. Change user interface for detail and list views.
  • Entity Manager. Create custom entities, fields, and relationships.
  • Label Manager. Adjust the field names to your usual internal terms.
  • Extensions. Ability to customize your EspoCRM with installable extensions.


  • Data import
  • Teams. Users can be organized in teams.
  • Roles. Access control can be set up on roles or on the individual user.
  • LDAP Integration. Connect your central user administration.
  • Support for different currencies and different languages

Find more information about Cloudmonki CRM for SMEs here. You can also find our package prices here.

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